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The Mysteries Of Life – I Guess I’m In Luck
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Vic Mensa – Down On My Luck
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The Other People – Get Lucky
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Jordan Max – Out of Luck
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AOA – Good Luck (Japanese Version)
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LUCK is chance or happenstance. If something happens from PURE

“The second goal would have been pure luck and not about talent or failure.”

If you find a fifty-dollar bill on the sidewalk, you might exclaim, “WHAT LUCK!” Alternately, if you lose all night at the poker table, you’ll probably say “JUST MY LUCK!”, meaning that’s how unlucky I always am, or “WHAT ROTTEN LUCK!” blaming it on BAD Well, BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!

“John’s had some tough luck latelyhe really can’t seem to catch a break.”

The multiplicity of expressions with the word “luck,” incorporate associations with chance and fortune in the sense of the powers that arrange the uncertain fates of human beings.

“Luck is a mysterious, unpredictable circumstance that affects your life by chance.”

Some people are said to HAVE GOOD LUCK, meaning that they are generally fortunate, while some are said to HAVE NO LUCK meaning that they are generally unfortunate.

“If he didn’t have bad luck, he’d have no luck at all.”

SOME PEOPLE HAVE ALL THE LUCK is what you might say when someone has more success than they deserve. BEGINNER’S LUCK is unusual success that you have when you start doing something new.

“I was hoping to leave work by 5:00, but no such luck the meeting ran until 6:30.”

You can HAVE A LUCKY STREAK or BE ON A LUCKY STREAK if you, say, have a series of lucky wins in gambling or games and then get a STREAK

“I’ve been having a lot of hard luck lately. It just seems like nothing is going right for me!”

When you’re fortunate in a difficult, testing, or dangerous situation you LUCK OUT

“He really lucked out on that exam; every question he had studied for was on it.”

If you acquire something by good fortune, without effort on one’s part, like a sweet deal on that great car, you LUCK OUT

“I really lucked into in a wonderful graduate school program.”

If you LUCK UPON sb

“He lucked upon some old clothes he had wanted to give away.”

And you’re IN LUCK you GET

You can also PRESS

“They offered me the job after a very competitive hiring process. Asking for a higher starting salary would be pushing my luck.”

When you have your LUCK RUN OUT you’re said to be DOWN ON YOUR LUCK, HAVE A RUN OF BAD LUCK or BE SHIT OUT OF LUCK or SOL, which is being completely OUT OF LUCK.

“Sorry, dude. U R SOL.”

Do you believe in luck? Can you share your favorite expressions or songs with “luck” please?


1 thought on “gambling luck

  1. Andrey, I just knew you’d come up with this very song. Man, I coulda bet my bottom dollar on that.

    Now, here’s my two cents:

    “Lady Luck” is the personification of fortune, whether good or bad. (Sometimes spelled in lowercase.)

    “I hope lady luck is on my side going into this job interview!”

    “Tough luck” is something that is typically used to say you are NOT sympathetic to someones problems or complaints.

    If you dont like the way we run things in this company, tough luck. Youre free to leave.

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